We live in a world characterized by the stress of everyday life, the speed with which everything happens, the permanent change in habits and attitudes, the competitiveness of financial and human resources, instability and uncertainty, the constant demand for success...

In this context, since 2009, ON STRATEGY as a multidisciplinary consulting firm is focused on the creation, maximization and optimization of the financial value of their customers and partners, developing and implementing robust and internationally recognized methodologies which are supported by a deep understanding of the economic, political and social environment, and in particular the various industries that make up the business environment.

ON STRATEGY acts in Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and Latin America, developing partnerships with global institutions, leaders, independent, certified and disciplines excellence experts.

ON STRATEGY bets on the integrated knowledge of brand science, offering a wide range of services designed for the global brand value management:
- Brand Analytics
- Brand Touchpoints
- Brand Valuation
- Brand Staff

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